Cryptocurrency Update: 6 Crypto Coins Gain Up To 428.61% in a Day

Cryptocurrency Update: After reaching near the $59,000 mark a day back, Bitcoin prices fell down on Tuesday, November 30, to hover around the $57,000 mark. This was thereby rendering its performance in the last 24 hours of no use, as the prices quickly receded. The price of one Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by volume, at the time of writing this article $57,056.39, down by 0.27 per cent in the last 24 hours. However, over the past seven days, Bitcoin prices rose 1.51 per cent, data from global crypto tracking website CoinMarketCap showed. Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto market however fell slightly. “Bitcoin’s dominance is currently 41.51 per cent, a decrease of 0.57 per cent over the day,” a note on the website said.

Ether, on the other hand, kept its upward rally after going down for the past few days. One coin of Ether was priced at $4,512.12 at the time of writing this article. This was up by 4.44 per cent in the past 24 hours, and by 8.54 per cent over the last seven days. Ethereum or Ether, the largest altcoin, had dipped down to the $4,100 mark last week as global crypto prices fell.

“We saw a superb recovery across the cryptocurrency market over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin regained its support level at $58,000 and inched closer towards the $59,000 mark. The altcoins had an even bigger rally with the largest altcoin, Ether, shooting almost 10 per cent up. Most of the top cryptos had double digit gains. The meme coins, SHIB and DOGE, joined the party as well after days of muted movement. Interestingly, the total traded volumes shot up more than 23 per cent, suggesting a massive boost in the buying momentum,” said Edul Patel, co-founder and CEO of Mudrex.

The global cryptocurrency market capitalisation saw a rise in its numbers on Tuesday, November 30, after scaling a trend of a constant fall over the past few days. The market cap was standing at 2.60 trillion, data from CoinMarketCap showed. This was down by 1.55 per cent over the past 24 hours. The total crypto volume also, increased significantly during the course of the last day. The volume of traded coins stood at $115.50 billion, which was a 4.84 per cent increase over the last 24 hours, data from CoinMarketCap showed.

Prince Floki V2 was the top gainer in the global crypto market, the data on the crypto tracking website showed. Over the last 24 hour, the value of one token increased by 428.61 per cent. One token was priced at $0.000000003324, as per data. CroMoon occupied the second spot in the top gainers’ pack, priced at $0.000000001838 and up by 374.26 per cent over the last 24 hours. Mars SpaceX, valued at $0.009448 per token, continued its upward trend and came third with a surge of 354.35 per cent in the last day.

As far as losers were concerned, the top spot went to Ever Rise [old]. The price of one token went down by 99.66 per cent and was trading at $0.00000000194. King Floki and FUTUREXCRYPTO came second and third in the chart, decreasing by 95.45 and 77.64 per cent respectively during the course of the last day.

Top 6 Cryptocurrency Gainers in the Last 24 Hours (According to Data from CoinMarketCap)

Prince Floki V2: $0.000000003324 – up by 428.61 per cent

CroMoon: $0.000000001838 – up by 374.26 per cent

Mars SpaceX: $0.009448 – up by 354.35 per cent

XcelToekn Plus: $0.0000876 – up by 263.25 per cent

Metanoom: $0.0000002125 – up by 198.58 per cent

Elonomics: $0.01814 – up by 166.83 per cent

Top 6 Cryptocurrency Losers in the Last 24 Hours (According to Data from CoinMarketCap)

Ever Rise [old]: $0.00000000194 – down by 99.66 per cent

King Floki: $0.0000002773 – down by 95.45 per cent

FUTUREXCRYPTO: $0.7429 – down by 77.64 per cent

Cryptorun Network: $0.0009173 – down by 75.83 per cent

Heroes TD: $1.53 – down by 72.13 per cent

Multi-Stake Capital: $0.0000003939 – down by 71.81 per cent

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