British zoo’s escaped owl rescued from rooftop TV antenna

An owl that escaped from a zoo in Wales in the United Kingdom was safely returned to the facility after being rescued from a TV antenna on top of a house.

The Greenacres Animal Park in Flintshire said Borvil, a Eurasian eagle owl, snapped his tether on Sunday and flew away from the zoo.

Zookeeper Becky Watson said Borvil turned up two days later when he was found entangled in a TV antenna on the roof of a property in Hawarden.

Local company JR Marl Roofing was enlisted to assist with the rescue, and roofers were able to remove the antenna and hand Borvil to a Greenacres manager through a window.

“He has been health checked and seems hopefully to be OK, apart from being a little shaken up,” Watson said in a Facebook post.

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